I just turned off my phone cause I need to charge it but then realised that I was talking to Val still so welp, I turned it back on.

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The Stamkos Coca Cola.


Captain Double Double!

this just showed up on my dash and I just had to #Canadian

Despite the two blisters on my pinky toes, today was really fun.

Mostly because Melis and Val looked at me weird every time I said I didn’t like something during dinner. And dinner itself was great too. Good food at Mill St.

Now I’m just gonna miss Val when she heads back home. :’(

you should come over every Friday! I’ll take you to the gym with me if you’re up for it?

That’s not going to work since I’m going to be living at home for the first half of the school year. I never go to school whenever I have a day off unless I’m going to a Rangers game.

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